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Among the paving businesses in the region, we have earned a sterling reputation for our superb, diverse, concrete jobs. Our concrete contractors and mason Minneapolis MN teams work with residential and commercial customers, looking for their satisfaction on our tasks with concrete blocks and brick pavers. Our concrete pavers are affordable, attractive, effective, and fast. When you want concrete pavers or patio pavers appropriately done and promptly, give SCM Building & Remodeling a call. You can visit our About page to know more about our company and services!

Installing a concrete driveway provides you with a long-lasting, durable, and stylish driveway. While concrete is much more pricey than asphalt, it will require low maintenance and last much longer. It’s an excellent option to build a new home or need to replace your existing driveway. If you want a concrete driveway with brick inlay, we can help with that too. The strength and longevity of concrete driveways ensure it is an excellent value for extensive areas of paving. Our staff of concrete driveway MN contractors can easily install a brand new concrete driveway, repair your current one, or demolish and replace a crumbling driveway. Even though it can crack when it freezes, it will hold up against the weather. So long as you repair the cracks, it will last for years to come. Concrete does not get as soft with heat as asphalt does, and yes, it can support much more weight. Pouring a concrete driveway MN is challenging and best left to the professionals. Attempting this by yourself can take over a week while we can complete it in a fraction of the time. Our seasoned concrete driveway Minneapolis contractors will expertly excavate, build forms, pour concrete, and finish the surface so it can start drying. After approximately seven days, it should be ready to bear excess weight without leaving impressions. You can apply texture, color, or stamp designs to concrete and customize it in any way you want. It can be designed to seem like stone, brick, or wood. Or you can also have a concrete driveway with brick inlay.


It’s not every day you see a stamped and decorative concrete driveway, but it will add value to your house and enhance curb appeal. If you’re keen on a decorative, stamped, or colored concrete driveway Minneapolis, give us a call to ask for a free estimate. Repairing cracks in a concrete driveway requires analyzing the problem before implementing the proper solution. Our Minneapolis concrete repair contractor will look at your driveway to determine the appropriate solution for the problem. Occasionally, you can replace caulk cracks or damaged sections to help slow or avoid deterioration.

Having concrete driveways MN is a necessity. In addition to the value it contributes to your house, it’s also inexpensive and durable, which may save you money on repairs over many years of harsh weather. When you’re prepared to do the switch, talk to our driveway contractors to begin. Are you thinking of adding a concrete walkway to complement your unique driveway? Our mason Minneapolis MN can help with that too! When you’re trying to determine the very best plan for your new driveway, there are vital factors that you must consider. These factors are affordability, versatility, and durability. Natural rock and steel, like reinforced concrete, are the only things that can deal with harsh conditions like weather and human involvement. When it comes to driveways, concrete lives the longest and takes the most abuse. We can install brand new concrete driveways Minneapolis to stand up against the unpredictable weather in the region.


Many properties are known as fixer-ups, where once there’s adequate work done on it, it will look a lot better and increase in value. Among the most critical aspects of a home is the first impression. Right in front of nearly every home is a driveway, it can either positively or negatively affect the house’s appearance, or perhaps it doesn’t leave an impact at all. Do you want your driveway to be among the better features of your home, considering it is among the first things folks see? Call SCM Building & Remodeling to obtain a free estimate and different design ideas for some upgrade work on your driveway. We will not disappoint! We install various concrete styles including, custom stamped, grinding designs, customized cuts, designed pavers, and stained concrete driveways Minneapolis. 

If there is one part of our houses that takes more stress than elsewhere, it is our driveways. Think about it; they are either baking under the hot sun, freezing under tons of ice and snow, or straining under the weight of an automobile or two or three. So it is not surprising that they occasionally experience damage like cracks. But since our concrete driveways MN are vital to our everyday lives, you cannot wait to make essential repairs. Below you will find all of the info you need to create the best choice for your driveway and have a technician come if you think you need one. Feel free to contact us if you need a knowledgeable Minneapolis concrete repair expert.

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