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SCM Building & Remodeling provides expert concrete patio design and installation services. We’re dedicated to understanding every client’s aesthetic vision and functional needs for their patio, providing gorgeous, long-lasting results while staying on budget. We can work with your specifications or custom design a deck and patio and all associated hardscape such as sidewalks, stairs, and block walls that complement your business and home’s appearance. When building a concrete patio Minneapolis, it’s essential to create a sub-base with grading away from the house to avoid water pooling that may result in foundation issues. We offer many customization options such as colored concrete, decorative finishes, stamped concrete, and brick borders. We can also create a custom-shaped patio to accomplish the desired appearance for your business or home. Our patio contractors Minneapolis can design and install various stone and brick patios to bring your backyard to life. We do it correctly the first time, and you can enjoy it for numerous years to come without any worry or repair. Patios can help your lawn take shape through design, shape, color, and much more. We can also help you with your concrete countertops Minneapolis needs.

If you’re searching for a professional and dependable contractor to help you with your upcoming patio task, then call our team. We offer a decorative concrete patio with brick inlay and concrete patio pouring for homeowners in the region. We have a complete service, including concrete patio curing, design, pouring, and drying. We can help you with your patio design Minneapolis and make it just how you want it. You can work with experienced workers who could turn your concepts into reality when you choose us. A patio can add visual allure and is ideal for practical use in your outside space. If you’re planning to construct concrete patios MN, we are the best option for you. Bring us your ideas and trust us to design the best patio for you. Visit our About page to know more about our company.


Many homeowners favor concrete patios as they provide several benefits over wooden decks. Concrete patios MN are available in multiple designs and styles, easy to maintain, and durable. Concrete can withstand harsh environmental conditions, where wood decks tend to decay and need sealing and staining every several years. Animals like raccoons, rats, and mice love to live below wood decks that can be a nuisance. Let us beautify your landscape by adding a comfortable patio. For more info about our services or to schedule a consultation, call us now! Aside from patios, we also offer concrete countertops Minneapolis.

Concrete patios are low maintenance, high-reward investments that could tolerate even the harshest weather. You will be the envy of the backyard barbecue, and you will be a satisfied client that can make a wise investment in their house with a concrete patio Minneapolis or slab. Unlike all those other people staining their wood deck each spring, you won’t need any regular maintenance, and you won’t need to worry about rotting or warping wood. But as time passes, if you believe you might want to spruce up your concrete patio, an affordable and simple makeover can be done by resurfacing, engraving, or staining your existing patio surface. We have the expertise for patio design Minneapolis, installing and creating the concrete patio you and your family deserve.


Comfortable furniture, perfectly placed accent pieces, and vivid colors add an ambiance that’s pleading to the eye and can add to a space that may serve as a sanctuary of respite after a tiring day. Incorporating elements like this into your patio setup can make the room feel warmer and more inviting, as well. With the number of choices to dress up a patio, like a concrete patio with brick inlay, you can take a drab, dull room and turn it into a piece of art with a couple of smart design choices. Most patios are a regular 12X12 in size, but you can personalize your patio to any space that suits your needs. Please contact SCM Building & Remodeling for your concrete needs.

When issues arise with a concrete patio, you can repair it in a couple of ways. You can remove the deck, pour a new one in its place, or remove the problem area and pour a new section. When you add customized alternatives for your concrete patio, like stamping, you have to think about the very best way to repair that area. It is often ideal to remove an entire section where the damage is located and lay-down a new “concrete patch.’’ Our patio contractors Minneapolis will have the right design and tools to do this successfully, with no hesitation. You will find companies claiming to have the ability to repair concrete problems without replacing the patio.


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