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SCM Building & Remodeling provides the capability and experience to fix all kinds of masonry construction problems, including clay brick, concrete block, and stone. Repairs like masonry tuckpointing can lengthen the structure’s lifespan and restore the building envelope’s original architectural aesthetics. Locating a suitable mortar match assures aesthetics and performance. Our masonry contractors Minneapolis can help you secure a mortar analysis and recommend tooling techniques and materials to match the mortar as closely as possible. We deliver expert masonry services for your residential project. Our years of expertise in residential masonry enable us to provide high-quality craft at reasonable rates. We are a masonry Minneapolis systems professional encompassing every aspect of a masonry wall system, brick, water repellents, vapor barrier, block, stone, insulation, and flashing. We are employed in a collaborative setting to offer solutions to structural issues during the construction and design process and provide a masonry wall method that withstands the test of time. We can work from your blueprints or help you determine a plan with our design group’s suggestions. Our masonry Minneapolis experts take pleasure in creating a foundation of trust with our clients through education and communication. We ensure our work’s quality with a competent team, hands-on site management, attention to detail, proactive inspections, and follow-up. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. You can also check our About us page to know more about our company.

We bring ten years of experience to each masonry Minneapolis MN task we take on. Our job is not accomplished until you’re delighted with our work. Exterior brick is exposed to elements that can damage and degrade it. A crumbling and deteriorating brick is an eye-sore and a danger to homeowners. Loose bricks could break free from a structure and possibly hurt passersby or damage a car. If you are looking for Metro brick MN repair services, it’s a wise idea to call a professional masonry repair business as soon as possible. We know that our reputation is only as good as our last job and we take this responsibility quite seriously. If you want additional info about our masonry repair Minneapolis expertise and if you’ve questions regarding your chimney’s condition, please get in contact with us now! We are glad to deal with your issues and respond to your questions. Please contact our team for your masonry and Twin City concrete pumping needs.


Builders and homebuyers are increasingly turning to environmentally friendly construction methods, including masonry products. Today, much more than ever, keeping the stone and concrete components of your home could substantially improve its value and make great ecological sense. Our experts provide masonry restoration and upgrades for all exterior veneers and interior Twin City brick and stone facets of any commercial or residential property. When you contact us, you may be assured of reliable and honest recommendations based only on the necessary and immediate repairs you may need. Our masonry contractors Minneapolis always offer customers choices of numerous service solutions suited for their finances.


Brick and stone have been used to construct structures for centuries. The ancient Egyptians created bricks from clay and mud and used them to build palaces, homes, and walls. Bricks are still manufactured in a similar way to this day. Rocks and clay are condensed into blocks then baked within a kiln. If built correctly, a structure made from brick or stone can be durable and last a lifetime. It exudes craftsmanship and quality due to the amount of time and skill it took to construct the structure. We are dedicated to providing clients with durable, beautiful, and functional Twin City brick and stone structures. People will stop in their path to admire your brand new outdoor fire pit, sidewalk, or entryway. If you’ve old stone or brickwork that needs repairs or updating, we will give it a significant facelift. We look ahead to communicating with you and helping you to design a masonry Minneapolis MN project that will improve the beauty of your business or home! Contact us today!

Our objective is to build eye-appealing structures to complement the historic structures and highlight the more recent and more contemporary buildings. Aside from bricks and stones, we also provide Twin City concrete pumping. We work with all kinds of materials, be it Metro brick MN or concrete; therefore, the most challenging part of our customers’ task is selecting their favorite! Throughout the selection process, we’ll guide you based on your style and needs so you choose the ideal materials for your space. When we begin your task, we do our best to reduce the interruption to your hectic life. We work quickly to finish the project, but the caliber of our work doesn’t suffer. We pay extremely close attention to measurements to build the most level and sturdy structure possible. If a single brick or stone is installed improperly, the structural integrity will be affected. Our contractors and masonry repair Minneapolis experts will ensure to do their job well. We guarantee total satisfaction, so we will do anything to ensure you’re pleased with our job. Call SCM Building & Remodeling today!