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We’re among the leading concrete companies in Minneapolis for residential and commercial services. With more than ten years of expertise, our concrete services are reliable and affordable. We have expanded our services from basic concrete driveways, Minneapolis garages, and sidewalks to full outdoor kitchens; through the years. Detached garages; also known as stand-alone garages, are a garage structures separate from the main house on your property. They can be anything from a single-car garage structure to multi-car garage bays. Your Minneapolis garages can be built to complement your current home style or designed in a complementary manner. There are numerous styles of detached garages, and we work with our clients to help fulfill their garage needs. Our garage builders Minneapolis will not t disappoint you. Check out our About Us page to know more about our company!

When it is time to take pleasure in the outdoors after the winter season, many individuals do the natural thing, head over to the deck. But before you do, you must inspect your deck for safety hazards like damaged boards or loose railing. That is where our Minneapolis decks contractors come in. We offer professional deck repair services that’ll help you keep your deck beautiful and safe all year-round. Do you want to construct a new deck? We can help with that too. Call now or even demand a quote to connect with the best Minneapolis decks repair and installation professionals in your location. We specialize in tasks from repairing decks to maintenance and construction. You can believe that SCM Building & remodeling will deliver outstanding results. Please contact us and let us know what we can do for you.


Our industrial concrete contractors will do everything in their power to get your complete satisfaction. We install leger boards and the main posts for support. For replacement and building, our materials include composite decking or pressure-treated lumber and railing. All materials are available in numerous materials and styles for you to choose from. Our industrial concrete contractors will replace post stringers, repair your deck stairs, deck planks, balusters, and stair treads as necessary. We will replace, refurbish, or reinforce all the joists and hand rails for your safety and the deck’s entire upkeep. Please contact us today for your garage and deck needs. Our deck and garage builders Minneapolis will not disappoint you.

We provide the best snow removal services to meet up the specific requirements of every home we maintain. We use the latest available technology within snowplowing Minneapolis and more recent equipment to keep your property open and safe in the worst winter storms. We have all the equipment, materials, and tools required for any size project, from significant industrial properties to small townhouses and condominiums. Do not put yourself at risk attempting to remove or shovel snow without the correct equipment. Wintertime in our region brings a lot of ice and snow. You do not need to use backbreaking techniques to get rid of it or purchase costly snow removal equipment if you can employ us to carry out the snowplowing Minneapolis process on your behalf.


We concentrate on snow and ice management services throughout the winter season, but we spend most of the entire year preparing. Our primary focus is to keep our customers’ properties secure and accessible. Our clients can sleep easy at night, knowing that their property will be snow and ice-free when they wake up. We use reliable and modern tools operated by experienced and skilled crew members. Our home snowplowing Minneapolis staff is focused on customer service. They’re accountable, competent, and cautious. This service orientation provides clients the confidence to know that their job will always be the top priority.

Shoveling snow from your entrance and parking lot takes time. It’s a tedious task, when the snow is already deep and you have a large area to clean up. As you clear one area, the snow on the opposite side begins to collect once again. No matter how you shovel, you will end up missing a spot or two. Don’t spend your whole wintertime shoveling in the trenches! You don’t need to be worried about your employees or customers not having clear access to park their automobiles safely, or not being able to get home. Our commercial and residential snowplowing Minneapolis experts will clear your property quickly, thoroughly, and at any time. It is not only driveways and parking areas that require snow and ice removal services. Slippery walkways can also pose risks for both you and your family members. Here at SCM Building & Remodeling, we provide the snow removal service you need to have. With our help, you and your family will be safe when you leave home nor will you have any issues when you come home. Besides snow removal, we are known as one of Minneapolis’s best concrete companies, we can tackle your concrete needs.